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Run aws-cli without pip


Run aws command with docker.

I prepared aws-tools-container .
Please clone here.


For aws command, we need to prepare ~/.aws/config and ~/.aws/credentials .
aws-tools-container mounts your local ~/.aws directory to container home directory.
So, you don’t have to fix them for aws-tools-container.


Clone repository, and

$ make build
$ make up
$ make login

### Now, you are in container

### aws s3 ls

Default AWS credential is set default .
If you want to change it, please do like this:

$ export AWS_DEFAULT_PROFILE=your-profile

I prepared profile list command.

$ make list

And, this includes aws-shell .

$ make login
### aws-shell

If you want to stop container, just type this

$ make stop

Please use it!! Now we no longer need pip!!