about commandline tool to generate slide from markdown


We developers sometimes need to create slides for presentation, talking at conferences. Always, how do you create it? There are several ways, marp, remarkjs, and so on. If you used to use markdown and commandline, you can try slidegen. Yes, I am an author of it.

Simple and minimal command

All you have to do is specifying file name just like this.

$ slidegen your/markdown/file.md

Then, you can get output.pdf at your current directory.

Markdown format

All markdown syntaxes are supported that are introduced here. Delimiter of each page is --- .

PDF style

The simplest and easiest-to-read markdown style, GFM(github-flavored-markdown) will be applied on your PDF. Always I need only it, but if you want to use another css, please fork and customize it.

Import from Gist

You can import from Gist URL. Just give -g option like

$ slidegen -g https://gist.github.com/

Of course, gist must contain --- for each page delimiter

Please try

I want you to use it and, if you like, please star it. If any problems or feedback, please create a issue. Pull requests are always welcome!


I created slide from this entry. (PDF cannot be posted on medium, I converted into images.)